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    We do all types of house extensions

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    We can build your dream project from scratch

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    We do all types of conversions

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Some types of extensions :

  • Rear Extensions
    • A rear extension is a great way to create that extra space that you always wanted. It is a great way to extend your kitchen, have an extra room in the house or even have that an open plan living space.

  • Side Return Extension
    • A side return extension stretches your home into the alleyway at the side of your house. Normally a side return extensions are a small extension, with a great impact on the look and feel of your home.

  • Wrap-around Extension
    • This is a side return extension combined with a rear extension. The wrap around extension can provide maximum space and can change the way the house looks and can change the whole house feeling. It is mostly done for an open plan kitchen, dining area or even the family room in your home. It creates a connection to the garden, which can be done by building a deck or patio that is on the same level as your home.

  • Double Storey Extensions
    • Double storey extension also known as Two storey extension consist of building two levels of space which can turn into two rooms one under the other, meaning that you could potentially add a bigger or additional living space as well as an extra bedroom. They are a great way to extend your kitchen while having a brand new bed roon on top of the extended area.

New Builds
We do all types of new builds whether they are building a house, apartment, office, barn or anything that you would like to get it build. with our great and professional builders we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Some types of conversions :

  • Loft Conversion
    • There are so many types of loft conversions that you can do on your home. Below are some examples of the loft conversions you can do to you house;

      1. Dormer loft conversion:
      This is a simple flat roof dormer. This is a structural extension which projects vertically from the slope of the existing roof creating a box shape. This loft extension requires no dramatic changes.

      Mansard loft conversion:
      This is constructed by raising the shared wall of the property that is being shared with your neighbour. The roof remains flat, while one outer wall slopes gently inwards. Mansards are normally found at the rear of the house.

      Hip to gable loft conversion:
      This type of loft conversion straightens an inwardly slanted end roof to create a vertical wall. This type of conversion is Ideal for end of terrace and detached homes.

      Roof light loft conversion:
      A roof light conversion is where you just simply add in a windows and build the floor to transform an attic into a living space such as a bedroom.

  • Basment Conversion
    • If you looking for an extra room under your house or just a secret room, we can do that for you. This is a great way to expand your living space or have a celler/ basement or even a special room such as a panic room.

  • Barn Conversion
    • We can create your dream barn with a great level of professionalism, giving you the great looking barn. .

Other services we provide :

  • Landscaping
    • matter how you want to transform your garden we can help you, we dop al lsort of landscaping, from building a deck to replacing your tiles to giving your garden a whole new look. We can also add extra rooms in your garden. We can also change your fence and also replace or add a garden gate.

  • Driveways
    • We can build you a new driveway or can renovate your existing driveways

  • Bathroom/toilet
    • We can build you a new toilet/ bathroom or can convert an existing room into a great looking toilet/ bathroom. We can also renovate your existing toilet/ bathroom

  • Kitchen
    • We can build you a new kitchen or can convert a room into a kitchen, we can also extend your kitchen or can just renovate your existing kitchen

  • Decorations
    • We can decorate your house according to your requirements; whether it is to paint your house walls, or to put on a wallpaper or whatever you want us to decorate no job is too small nor too big for us.

  • Renovations
    • We can renovate your whole house from top to bottom, we can also do all the plumbing and electrical work as well and can also install a CCTV as no job is too small nor too big for us.

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You Dream It - We Build It.

We are a construction company based in Birmingham and London. we cover the whole West Midlands, London and areas near London aswell.

We assure all our work is done professionally and with the customer's satisfaction as we believe it is very important for the customer to be happy with the outcome as you the customers are investing a lot on this and we really want to complete your dream project with the best of our ability.


You Dream It. We Build It.

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